About – CyberSon

Hello my Brothers and Sisters. I thank you for visiting my site and hope that you are all well. I wish that I could offer you some refreshments, but alas, as we are here in the virtual world I’m afraid that it’s not possible. I’m sorry about that. Please rest assured that if we were conversing in reality, I would offer you a full range of beverages!

Anyway, CyberSon! This was and still is very much, my alter ego. A solo electronic music project. Many years ago, in the early 1990’s to be precise, CyberSon produced more commercial orientated electro dance music.

Nowadays, CyberSon focusses much more on the heavier side of electronic music, fusing cinematic, industrial elements with big beats and somewhat darker synths, albeit trying to keep some hold on melody that is relevant today.

I want to create / produce music that isn’t considered “popular” to listen to, but is still enjoyed and relevant to people. It’s fair to say that I feel alive with my music and enjoy working within an environment without boundaries. I don’t have an agenda with my work, however, I do draw a great deal of influence from the inner self. But then, CyberSon can be about big beats and awesome synths.

Recently, I have been able to work with some totally awesome musicians from around the world. When I am ready to post the work, I will naturally point you in the direction of the talent that I have worked with!

As from January 2012, all CyberSon music will be published via the independant record label, i AM SomeThing! Records.

Please enjoy my site and the musical offerings of CyberSon.

much love, Paul

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.


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